Beating ’em is better than joining ’em

Remember these words (from my latest column) when confronting your Trump-supporting, liberal-bashing family members on Thanksgiving.

Personally I don’t see the need to talk politics at all on these occasions. Bill Maher said on his last show that if a Trumper hasn’t come around by now, then there’s no clever argument you can make over turkey and mashed potatoes that’s going to change that. This is a cynical view but hard to dispute. Arguing about national politics in the wake of the midterm elections isn’t like arguing over whether the Redskins will win the football game or whether the Redskins should (finally) change their goddamn name and logo. This is a matter of life and death — not only for the communities who find themselves in Trump’s cross-hairs (transgender folks and immigrants to name just two) but also for our democracy. It won’t be settled over the course of one meal.

Therefore, I am going to contradict myself and call a truce on Thanksgiving. But this truce does not imply accommodation or submission because, starting on Black Friday, I expect every patriot to continue the fight. They can start by not buying products that the Trump family profits from.

Fuck compromise — at least until far better people control the Senate and the White House. This travesty (and tragedy) of democracy must not continue. Trump and his ilk must be banished to the dustbin of history — which is still too good for them.

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