Job Search

There is no justice in waiting
Hoping that e-mail will come
That congratulatory call
When instead it’s a canned
Tired, vague response
From a stale bureaucrat
(If it’s a person at all)
Telling you that unfortunately
They had a (large and unprecedented)
Number of qualified candidates
And you didn’t make the cut

But “thank you for applying”
Thank you for wasting hours
Fixing typos on your resume
Finding just the right word
To make your cover letter
Truly cover who you are

Thank you for calling
At just the right time
To speak with a panel
Of suits and ties
Answering questions like
“What is your greatest weakness?”
And “If you were a tree, which would you be?”

I would be any tree
Because then I could stand
On my own (rooted) feet
I could just grow and be free
Without proving myself
And I wouldn’t have to work
For my basic necessities
I wouldn’t have to answer to
A suit and tie
Or tell a single lie

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