Why ‘Writing on the Wall’?

The title of this blog is a reference to the Christian Bible’s Book of Daniel, Chapter 5 in particular, where the Hebrew soothsayer Daniel reads the writing of God and predicts the downfall of a Babylonian king. Despite the source of this oft-used expression and the fact that the featured photo was taken in front of the Israeli separation wall in Bethlehem (of all places), this blog will not focus on theological matters. It will, however, discuss political, social, economic, and philosophical issues. It may or may not provide insight into the future — time can only tell.

This is my latest blog and will be all-encompassing. It will serve as a means of publishing and republishing academic writings related to my field of study (restorative justice, conflict resolution, social movements) as well as an outlet for my thoughts on life that I just cannot keep to myself. Feel free to comment openly.

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